In process mining, ECM, RPA, BPM. If you have a business process, you have an opportunity to improve efficiency.

Process Excellence Portfolio

Connect people, applications, processes, and data to promote an amazing digital experience.

Mulher sentada trabalhando com plataforma low code

Process Mining

Discover and map your processes in ERP/ITSM/CRM, from the beggining to the end, in real time and data-driven, ensuring maximum transparency and oversight of your company’s value chain.

Robotic Process Automation

Through a low-code platform with AI, automate any process by creating robots (digital workers) that capture data and handle applications as if they were humans, eliminating errors and significantly reducing costs.

Digital Process Automation

Digitalize your processes by connecting people, systems, devices and information to deliver the engaging experience that digital customers demand, faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation

Homem digitando RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Process Mining + RPA

Process Mining + RPA Rules for Efficient Automated Processes

Process Rules

The process must be based on well-defined rules and not rely on human judgment.


The process must be initiated by a “digital trigger” and supported by “digital data.”


The process must be functional and stable.


The more significant the volume of process execution, the better.