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Total Experience

Integrate customers, employees, users, and suppliers through a multi-experience, promoting the TOTAL EXPERIENCE.

Process and Technology Mapping

CX, UX e EX.


Whether as a user, customer, or employee, we provide solutions to promote the Total Experience, which is the sum of User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX). We also focus on Multi-experience (ME), which involves using various touchpoints to serve consumers.

This formula, conceived by Gartner in 2020, advocates that instead of treating employee and customer satisfaction separately, it’s better to adopt an integrated strategy that goes beyond placing the consumer at the center of the company’s decisions. To understand how to improve interaction with the public, it’s essential to ensure that employees are satisfied and that technologies are unified to deliver a top-notch experience to consumers.

Mapeamento atendimento omnichannel

To achieve this, we follow 6 steps:



The first step in implementing the Total Experience is to understand the ecosystem and the tools—thus, mapping the company’s processes thoroughly. This can involve interviews with customers and employees, as well as process mapping tools such as process mining.



It’s crucial to understand how the customer evaluates the experience across each available channel. By mapping your customer’s behavior, you can identify gaps in your service. From there, you can assess possibilities, review processes, create an action plan, and define a Total Experience strategy. This action plan should consider omnichannel support with a focus on both CX and UX.



The use of Artificial Intelligence and hyper-automation has become essential for the evolution of customer service. Providing self-service channels that promote agility and reduce human support shifts the focus to solving more complex and specific issues.



Human support also needs improvement, which can only be achieved through training, tools, and processes. Investing in Intelligence Augmentation tools is crucial—systems that will enhance employee productivity and simplify their work in customer service. In this phase, it’s necessary to map what can be improved in internal systems.



By understanding the customer’s profile, it’s possible to personalize individual journeys, suggest offers or promotions and provide recommendations. In this stage, the use of data analysis tools (analytics) is crucial to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. However, even more important are the data themselves: they need to be reliable and available at the right time.



Monitoring, implementing metrics, reviewing failures, fixing bugs, analyzing KPIs and gathering customer feedback can ensure that the Total Experience is truly effective. KPIs also serve as input to provide feedback to the solutions, enabling continuous improvement of the experience.